Dog Training, Geelong

You know that thing about not being able to teaching an old dog new tricks?

Well, it’s wrong.
Dogs of any age can be taught new behaviours. It just takes patience, expertise and positive reinforcement. Which is a good thing, because your dog is part of your family and the last thing you want is bad-mannered, badly behaved family member.

Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, understands that dogs which bark too much, chew good shoes and jump all over people can strain the pet and owner relationship and lead to dogs being surrendered. That’s why we have developed a wide range of dog and puppy training sessions designed to ensure your pet is well adjusted and well mannered.

Our trainers and dog training sessions are positive and fun and will teach you different ways to handle unwanted behaviours. Our trained staff and vets can also pick if your dog is suffering from anxiety, which can become a health issue.
Our trainers personalise their sessions and use only proven techniques and therapies to deal with all manner of issues. And if they can’t help, they will refer you to one of our veterinarians with expertise in dog behaviour and training. The vet will be able to help manage stubborn habits and help you understand why your dog is behaving as it does. Together, you, your pet and our veterinarians and dog training staff can desensitise phobias and any more severe mental health issues associated with anxiety.
Bellarine Veterinary Practice’s Geelong and Bellarine clinics offer a variety of options, from group training classes and socialisation, to private lessons.

Dog and Puppy Training Options

Puppy Pre-school

We are back in business with Puppy School. All classes are positive and fun and will teach you different ways to prevent and manage unwanted behaviours. An initial introductory Zoom session supports the in person group classes. The number of people attending per puppy will be confirmed at the commencement of your classes, according to...
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Private Dog Training

Sometimes, even after puppy pre-school, dogs can develop bad habits, like chewing or excessive barking and that’s why Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice offers private dog training sessions. Private dog obedience training sessions are designed for dogs aged six months and over and focus on the individual dog rather than a group. Individual sessions ensure fewer...
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Dog Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour problems are frustrating, and worse, can diminish the relationship between you and your pet. At the Bellarine Veterinary Practice, our first approach is to book a consultation with one of our vets to check that there are no underlying medical conditions that could be causing, or contributing to your pets behavioural problems. Once your...
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