Vet, Geelong

Bellarine Veterinary Practice has been providing quality care for life to Geelong and the Bellarine for over 35 years. In that time our practice has grown to six veterinarian clinics, and the range of vet services we provide has expanded.

Our team of dedicated veterinarians, vet nurses, pet groomers and other support staff are able to provide everything from dog training advice and dog grooming to complex medical and surgical investigations. We treat all kinds of pets, including birds, pocket pets, dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, offering each and every one quality care for life.

Veterinarian Services

Surgical Procedures

It’s never a great feeling when your loved pet has to undergo surgery. However, knowing your pet is in experienced, skilled hands, and supported by the best facilities and equipment certainly eases the worry for you. Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, has the equipment, facilities and fully-trained staff to take the very best care of your...
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An important part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure you have your cat or dog microchipped. Microchips for cats and dogs are compulsory in Victoria. Bellarine Veterinary Practice, with six clinics across Geelong and the Bellarine, can deal with any pet microchip queries and requirements. A microchip is a tiny computer chip,...
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Canine Reproduction

Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice began freezing canine semen and performing inseminations 30 years ago. In that time, our practice has become a front runner in canine artificial insemination, able to co-ordinate breeding locally, nationally and internationally. Our experts collect and freeze dog semen and can ship it wherever required. Frozen semen provides flexibility when it...
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When your pets are ill or injured, it’s important to avoid inflicting more stress on them, or on you. Ideally, movement of your pet should be kept to a minimum. That’s why it’s such a relief that the Bellarine Veterinary Practice, serving Geelong and the Bellarine for over 35 years, has a wide range of...
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Pet Grooming

Pet grooming isn’t just about making your cat or dog look and smell great, it’s about maintaining your pet’s best possible health. Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice, dedicated to providing quality care for your pet’s life, values the importance of pet grooming. We know that a dog groomer does much more than just wash your pet’s...
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Pets are such an important part of our lives and our families, so it’s understandable that parting with them is particularly hard. At Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice, our veterinarians, vet nurses and support staff are, like you, pet owners and animal lovers, so we understand the decision to euthanise is an extremely tough one. That’s...
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After Hours Emergencies

Unfortunately, accidents happen, and they often happen outside business hours. If your pet is injured or requires emergency care during business hours, contact your nearest Bellarine Veterinary Practice clinic. However, should emergency attention be needed after hours, contact the Animal Emergency Centre, Geelong’s after-hours veterinary emergency centre. The specially designed vet hospital has a 24-hour vet...
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Pet Insurance


Many dogs, particularly larger breeds, will suffer from ailing hip joints in their lifetime. More specifically, from osteoarthritis. At Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, we employ the innovative PennHIP method of measuring, interpreting and assessing hip joint laxity in canines at an early age. PennHIP involves capturing three radiographs of a dog’s hip region, from three...
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Tooth ache or problems with teeth and gums make you miserable. It’s the same for your pets. In fact, companion animals’ number one disease is dental disease. It makes sense then that you make sure your pet’s vet is able to provide all the cat and dog dental care needed. As well as caring for...
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