Microchipping, Geelong

An important part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure you have your cat or dog microchipped. Microchips for cats and dogs are compulsory in Victoria. Bellarine Veterinary Practice, with six clinics across Geelong and the Bellarine, can deal with any pet microchip queries and requirements.

A microchip is a tiny computer chip, about the same size as a grain of rice. Microchips are injected, by a veterinarian, under the animal’s skin, between the shoulder blades.  Each chip has its own number which is linked to your information, including your address and phone number. This means that if your dog or cat is lost, a vet or local laws officer can scan the chip, trace the number and locate you. No more lost pets at animal shelters, hoping their owners find them before it’s too late. And best of all, unlike name collars and name tags, microchips can’t be removed or fall off.

Adopted cats and dogs, and those from reputable breeders, have usually been microchipped, however if your cat or dog hasn’t been done, or if you’re concerned, request an appointment to ask us about microchips for dogs and cats. We are able to look after all your pet microchip needs, including microchip insertion and registration.

Make sure your pet dog or cat is safe and identifiable at all times, contact Bellarine Veterinary Practice.