Private dog training, Geelong

Sometimes, even after puppy pre-school, dogs can develop bad habits, like chewing or excessive barking and that’s why Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice offers private dog training sessions.
Private dog obedience training sessions are designed for dogs aged six months and over and focus on the individual dog rather than a group. Individual sessions ensure fewer distractions for the dog and allows the owner to benefit more. Our professional experience has shown one-on-one sessions for older dogs are more successful.
Our private pet training experts are able to help with many common issues such as excessive barking, chewing inappropriate objects, jumping on people, destructive behaviour, not coming when called and pulling or inappropriate behaviour when on a lead.
We will ask you to complete a form to give us a clear picture of your pet’s specific dog obedience training needs. We can also direct you to a qualified veterinarian who specialises in animal behaviour, if required.
Contact any one of our six veterinarian clinics to book a private dog obedience classes. Private lessons are by appointment only and payment is required at the time of booking.
As well as dog and puppy training, Bellarine Veterinary Practice offer pet wellness support in Geelong and district.