Puppy training, Geelong

We are back in business with Puppy School. All classes are positive and fun and will teach you different ways to prevent and manage unwanted behaviours. An initial introductory Zoom session supports the in person group classes. The number of people attending per puppy will be confirmed at the commencement of your classes, according to the current Victorian Government COVID density restrictions. Single attendees must be at least 16 years old. Email our trainers directly at kateturner@bellvet.com.au for a training solution that will work best for you and your furry friend.


It’s easy to spot a well-trained, well-socialised dog. They walk on a lead without pulling or dragging, come when called and greet people calmly rather than leaping all over them.
So how do you ensure your dog is well-trained and socialised?
You start early!
Bellarine Veterinary Practice Geelong runs a puppy pre-school program specifically designed to train and socialise puppies from 8 weeks of age.
Puppy training allows your pup to socialise with other puppies and different people in a controlled environment, ensuring a positive experience. You will learn to teach your puppy basic skills like sit, drop and come, and our puppy school trainers will offer advice on how best to handle, feed, groom and train your puppy. And Bellarine Veterinary Practice puppy preschool is more than just puppy obedience training. Our instructors also cover general health and common puppy issues.
And if your dog has developed any undesirable behaviours or you have newly adopted an older puppy/dog, we offer private dog training sessions and dog behaviour consultations. Just another way that Bellarine Veterinary Practice Geelong cares for you and your pet.

Classes run for an hour over four consecutive weeks, with class sizes limited to six to eight puppies.
Bookings are essential and payment must be received before classes start. Refunds are not available for non-attendance once the class has commenced. Current vaccination records must be provided so that your puppy can have fun in a safe environment.
For more information contact any of our veterinarian clinics at our convenient locations.

What to bring

  • Proof of C5 vaccination (if vaccinated elsewhere)
  • Your puppy on a collar and lead or harness (no chain or choker collars).
  • Small treats which your dog loves.

Puppy Pre-school Positive Policies

  • Chain or choker collars are not permitted.
  • NO physical punishment permitted.
  • Puppies MUST be kept on a lead unless instructed otherwise. (It’s a good idea to get them used to wearing a collar before the first night.)
  • Puppies MUST be up to date with vaccinations and worming.
  • Bookings are essential and classes MUST be paid for before commencement.