Pet health programs, Geelong

Bellarine Veterinary Practice, serving Geelong and the Bellarine for more than 35 years, provides quality care for our clients and their pets through every life stage. Our veterinarians, vet nurses, pet groomers and trainers are committed to offering a range of services including medical consultations, surgery and imaging, dog grooming and puppy training, and importantly a variety of health programs. Our belief in quality care for life embraces the importance of maintaining good health and disease prevention wherever possible.

Our health programs include:

Make an appointment to discuss with our vets and vet nurses the health program most suited to your needs.

Pet Wellness

The Bellarine Veterinary Practice wellness program ensures your pet enjoys good health through optimal nutrition and disease prevention. The program is suitable for pets under seven years of age and forms part of their annual health check. At pet wellness appointments you can discuss preventative care with the vet nurse before your pet is examined...
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Disease Monitoring

Sometimes, despite the best screening and preparation, your pet can develop a chronic illness. Whether it’s an allergy or a joint complaint, chronic disease needs monitoring to ensure your pet has the best quality of life. Bellarine Veterinary Practice, with six clinics across Geelong and the Bellarine, runs a comprehensive monitoring program which oversees patients...
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As our pets age they, like us, can develop health issues, many of which can be treated if picked up early. To keep your older pet healthy and comfortable, and to detect any illnesses before they have an impact on your pet’s well-being, Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, offers a seniors program. Pets over seven years...
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