Senior pet health program, Geelong

As our pets age they, like us, can develop health issues, many of which can be treated if picked up early. To keep your older pet healthy and comfortable, and to detect any illnesses before they have an impact on your pet’s well-being, Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, offers a seniors program.
Pets over seven years of age are eligible for the program.
The seniors program involves two visits each year, each conducted by a veterinarian.
At your pet’s annual veterinarian health check, you will have the opportunity to discuss preventative care and quality of life concerns with one of our veterinary nurses. After our vet nurse has performed screening tests, one of our veterinarians will administer any required vaccines or medications and address any medical concerns.
The second check, about six months later, is by one of our vet nurses, who will perform screening tests and talk to you about any issues if our vet discovers unexpected abnormalities or concerns. Bellarine Veterinary Practice vets offer a disease monitoring program as well as having visiting specialists able to support any health problems your pet may have.
Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice seniors program is about ensuring quality care for your pet while at the same time giving you peace of mind. We are mindful of you and your pet’s wellbeing at all times, and when the time comes, our vets can help you make a decision about euthanasia.
Make an appointment with our vet nurses and veterinarians to discuss your senior pet’s health.