Pet wellness program, Geelong

The Bellarine Veterinary Practice wellness program ensures your pet enjoys good health through optimal nutrition and disease prevention.
The program is suitable for pets under seven years of age and forms part of their annual health check. At pet wellness appointments you can discuss preventative care with the vet nurse before your pet is examined by a veterinarian. The vet will administer vaccines and medications as well as address areas of concern.


Just like humans, animals need quality nutrition to ensure optimum health. At Bellarine Veterinary Practice we promote several lines of premium quality pet food suitable for the different life stages of your pet. Ask our staff about the best range for your pet. Our prescription diets are recommended by our veterinarians according to specific health needs and for disease management.

Parasite Management

With so many flea and worming products on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy. That’s where we can help. Our Bellarine Veterinary Practice staff are trained to tailor a parasite prevention program that suits your needs, budget, lifestyle and of course your pet. We guarantee the quality of the products we sell.

Weight-Loss Programs

Australia’s obesity problem doesn’t only affect humans. Animals too are suffering from obesity due to inactive lifestyles and over-consumption of food. Overweight pets suffer more from heart and liver disease, arthritis and gastrointestinal problems, all of which require constant attention. Whether your pet is obese or just a little tubby we can provide advice about a weight-loss program.

Dental Care

Healthy teeth and gums are an important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of your dog or cat’s health routine. We are able to treat dental problems, with our veterinarians able to scale and polish teeth under general anaesthesia, if required. Ask our staff about keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. We also offer a comprehensive veterinarian dentistry service.

Other important components of Bellarine Veterinary Practice’s pet wellness program are our range of puppy and dog training sessions.

Contact one of our Bellarine veterinary clinics to discuss your needs or to make an appointment.