Vet nurses, Geelong

Veterinary nurses support the work of veterinarians, caring for your pet in consultations or while in hospital. Their focus is the comfort and recovery of their patients, and they approach their job with dedication and commitment. At Bellarine Veterinary Practice, our nurses are kind, committed and compassionate, going above and beyond what is required of them.

Among our vet nurse team we have highly qualified surgical nurses who support our veterinary surgeons during operations. Our medical nurses take care of hospitalised, medical, intensive care and post-operative patients, and also assist during general consultations and diagnostic procedures such as blood collection, radiography and ultrasonography. Our vet nurses’ technical skills are diverse and their bedside manner amazing.

Aimee Cert IV Veterinary Nurse, Delta Dog Trainer

Aimee has joined our team as a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse and Delta Dog trainer. Her special interests lie in dog behavior and she assists our vets to implement desensitization programs for pets needing help for anxiety and other behavioral issues. Aimee is based at our Newcomb clinic and also helps run Puppy Pre-school.  She has a beautiful retriever called Mya and a stunning black cat called Atheena.

Shelley Veterinary Nurse

We were very pleased to welcome Shelley to our practice in 2018. She has been in the industry nearly 20 years and is passionate about patient care. Shelley loves her role in nurse consulting and is mostly based at our Ocean Grove and  Barwon Heads clinics. Her family has a lovely cat called Daphne and 2 cute little dogs JJ & Splinter.

Bron Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Bron joined BVP in 2018 as a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse and works at our Drysdale clinic. She has a lovable crew of Staffy’s and a beautiful cat called Bambi.

Gemma Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Gemma is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse with a special interest in dog behavior and she is currently studying to be a qualified Delta Dog Trainer. She is usually found at either our Ocean Grove or Drysdale clinics working her magic on all the cats and dogs that come through the door. Gemma has a very spoilt little dog called Squash.

Melanie Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Melanie is a qualified veterinary nurse who joined BVP in July 2017. Melanie has worked in various small animal clinics in Melbourne and the emergency clinic in Geelong and has a special interest in surgical and critical care nursing. She is the proud owner of a 9 year old rescue border collie named Daisy and a cat named Alice who was a GAWS adoption.

Sarah Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Sarah is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse based at our Newcomb clinic.  Her special interests include surgery and pathology. She has a great love of horses and rides as often as she can. She also shares her home with 2 very spoilt cats – Winston and Ollie.

Bridget Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Bridget joined our team as a Hospital Attendant and is now a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse. She normal works at our Newcomb and Drysdale clinics and also helps out in Puppy Pre-School classes. Bridget has some super cute miniature ponies that she takes to children’s parties as well as her very spoilt dogs and cat.

Carly Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Carly is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse who joined our team when she moved from Bendigo. Her interests include surgery and consult nursing. Carly really enjoys helping clients and their pets meet their nutritional goals for weight loss and optimal health. She has a lovely Greyhound, a spotty Dalmatian, a grumpy Scottish Fold and a very cute Turtle called Ernie.

Deb Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Deb is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse who has been a part of our team for over 5 years and is the Clinic Co-ordinator at our Drysdale clinic.  She has a long background in equine nursing in the local area but now devotes her time with us to cats and dogs. She has a gorgeous Cavalier Spaniel, a very spunky Kelpie, a super cute Irish Setter,  2 cats and some chooks.

Nadine Receptionist & Grief Counsellor

Nadine works as a receptionist at both our Barwon Heads and Point Lonsdale clinics. She has experience in animal welfare and loves working with cats and dogs. Nadine is also a qualified Grief Counsellor and is absolutely wonderful to talk to.

Kate Accreditated Dog Trainer

Kate is a qualified dog trainer who helps run our puppy classes and also works with older dogs that need re-training/educating. She has a lovely Greyhound and 2 gorgeous cats that are spoilt rotten.

Annie Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Annie is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse. She works in a few of our clinics as well as helping teach Puppy Pre-School.  Annie has a very gorgeous goofy Labrador and a lovely grey tabby cat.

Leah Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Leah joined our practice when she moved from Melbourne. She brings skills and experience in equine nursing (Diploma of Equine Nursing), specialist small animal nursing (Ophthalmology, Cardiology) and has recently completed her Cert IV Veterinary Nursing. Leah loves her many horses and her gorgeous Labradors.

Bec Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Bec is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse with more than 10 years experience in the industry. She is a wonderful consulting nurse and a familiar face at Drysdale, Point Lonsdale and now Barwon Heads. Bec has a much loved horse Polly and a clowder of cats!

Jodie Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Jodie is an experienced qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse based at our Ocean Grove clinic. She oversees our surgery team and contributes to our consult nursing service. Jodie has adopted two cats – George and his sister Olivia and a super cute scruffy terrier Charlie

Kristy Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Kristy is a qualified Cert IV Veterinary Nurse with over 10 years experience in the industry. She is passionate about patient advocacy and helped pilot our consult nursing program. Kristy works part-time at our Grovedale clinic. She is a very keen horsewoman and loves dogs & cats with flat faces who snort and snuffle!

Elissa Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Elissa commenced with us as a dog handler at Doggy Day Play and transferred to veterinary nursing. She studied through the Animal Industry Resource Centre and graduated in 2014. Elissa did very well with her studies and was a runner up for Trainee Vet Nurse of the Year 2014. Elissa is an excellent well-rounded nurse who is skilled in all areas of veterinary nursing. She has 2 adorable Golden Retrievers –  Macey, who is possibly the most photogenic dog we know and Henry, a super cute doofus.

Courtney Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Courtney started working with us as a dog handler at Doggy Day Play before transferring to veterinary nursing. She completed her qualifications with the Animal Industry Resource Centre and whilst studying won the Australian Trainee Nurse of the Year Award 2013. Courtney is a wonderful patient advocate and is skilled in both surgical and medical nursing. Courtney has a sweet little Staffy X Ivy and two beautiful cats Nala and Manny. Her great love is her family owned GSP Chloe – Courtney melts every time a GSP walks through the door.

Ebony Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Ebony has been with Bellarine Veterinary Practice for over 10 years and qualified at Box Hill TAFE. She is a very familiar face for our Newcomb clients and has special interests in surgery and reproductive services. Her practical “can-do” approach makes her invaluable during emergency procedures. Ebony owns a very needy Border Collie called Ella, who likes to be Ebony’s shadow and a very sweet Fox Terrier called Keiah.

Renee Stead

Renee Head Nurse, Cert IV VN, Dip VN (General Practice)

Renee has been a veterinary nurse for more than 20 years and part of our team since 2001. She is currently Head Nurse and Clinic Development Coordinator for the practice. She completed her Diploma of General Practice (DipGP) in 2012 and participated in a UK Animal Study tour at the end of her studies, looking at the veterinary industry in England, Scotland and Ireland. Renee is passionate about further education for veterinary nurses and coordinates monthly education evenings for the nursing team. Renee also organises our work placement program for veterinary and nursing students. She maintains our surgery theatre and clinic equipment and loves working with our orthopaedic surgeons. Renee has quite a menagerie at home but is secretly a crazy cat lady. Her love of cats has led to our Kitten Adoption Program, which she also co-ordinates.

Helen Daglas

Helen Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Helen has worked at Bellarine Veterinary Practice for more than 16 years. During that time she achieved her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and after many years of surgical nursing and reception work, developed a special interest in reproduction. Helen is currently our Reproduction Program Co-ordinator and liaises with clients regarding semen collection and freezing, breeding timing and artificial insemination. Helen has three lovable dogs – Logan, Cooper & Bailey, a cat called Emma, and her absolutely spoilt corella, Pepsi.

Leila Moody

Leila Cert 4 VN, Dip VN (General Practice)

Leila has been with Bellarine Veterinary Practice for almost seven years, after moving to Australia from the UK. She has more than 15 years’ experience in veterinary nursing, holds the UK qualification and has recently upgraded her Australian Certificate IV qualification. In 2012 Leila completed her Diploma in General Practice (DipGP) and is currently studying her Diploma in Surgery (DipSurg). Leila is the training co-coordinator for the student veterinary nurses and has a strong interest in rabbit surgery and medicine. Leila has several fur babies including rabbits, guinea pigs and her two Bellarine Veterinary Practice-adopted kittens, Maisie and Spyda.

Kelly Cert IV Veterinary Nurse, Delta Dog Trainer

Kelly has been a veterinary nurse for 30 years and is also an accredited Delta Dog Trainer. Kelly runs the puppy pre-school classes across the practices and works at our Point Lonsdale, Barwon Heads & Newcomb clinics. Kelly’s aim is to allow dogs to be dogs within the family but to make sure that good canine manners are also observed. Kelly is the proud owner of Bertie the cat.

Stacey Fisher

Stacey Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Stacey came to Bellarine Veterinary Practice after completing her Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at La Trobe University in 2007. Stacey studied her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill, where she graduated top of her class in 2010 and was granted the Novartis Award for Outstanding Achievement in Veterinary Nursing. She enjoys medical and surgical nursing as she gets to work closely with individual patients. Stacey is our surgical nurse co-ordinator at our Grovedale clinic. Stacey has 2 boisterous and cheeky little Jack Russells named Brandy and Hugo.

Laura Noble

Laura Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Since Laura began work at Bellarine Veterinary Practice Geelong in 2007, she has worked in various areas. She started as a kennel attendant and in 2009 completed her Certificate II in Animal Studies. During 2011 she became a part of the dog grooming team before joining the nursing team full-time and completing her qualification in 2018. Her love of animals came from growing up on the family farm and having a large variety of animals including horses, working kelpies, sheep, cattle and alpacas. Laura is currently training her kelpie Clover how to be polite to sheep.

Gaye Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Gaye is a long term team member and currently works at our new Barwon Heads clinic. She has lived in Ocean Grove most of her life and worked with Bellarine Veterinary Practice on a part-time basis for 20 years. She has a wonderful Jack Russell called Trooper.

Sam Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Sam started as a casual receptionist at Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Ocean Grove, and then was offered a nurse training position in 1993. Sam holds an Advanced Certificate in Veterinary Nursing. Sam worked full time at Newcomb as a surgical nurse and receptionist for eight years before heading into her next role as a mum. After having Sophie and Heath, Sam has worked part-time at Ocean Grove. She enjoys interacting with both the clients and their pets and likes the unpredictable nature of the veterinary world. Sam owns a ginger short-haired male cat called Colin Collins and an adorable mix breed dog called Phil Collins!

Rochelle Cert IV Veterinary Nurse

Rochelle has been working at Bellarine Veterinary Practice since 2009. Working her way up from kennel attending, she started her veterinary nursing traineeship in 2011 and graduated in 2014. Rochelle loves working with animals every day. At home she has Lexi & Tyler, two lovely greyhounds from the Greyhound Adoption Program. Tyler now helps save lives by being a part of our Blood Donor program.