Visiting Veterinary Consultants - Registered Specialists and Professional Interest Practitioners, Geelong

At Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, although our vets are fully trained and have a wide range of expertise, we know there are some areas of your pet’s health that will require specialist veterinarian treatment. We also know it can be tough to find time to travel to vets that offer specific services. That’s why we offer a visiting service for Consultant Registered Specialists and Consultant Professional Interest Practitioners.

Registered Specialists Consultants:

Andrew Turner from All Animal Eye Services visits on Wednesdays every six weeks for ophthalmology appointments. Appointments can be made by contacting All Animal Eye Care

Clint Yudelman from Insight Veterinary Medical Diagnostics visits fortnightly. Appointments can be made through Bellarine Veterinary Practice or directly though Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics

Consultant Professional Interest Practitioners:

Kim Lim from Geelong Creatures’ Comfort visits every Wednesday for Rehabilitation Medicine. Contact Bellarine Veterinary Practice to make an appointment.

Daniel Mitchell from Vet Skin and Ear visits Mondays and Tuesdays each week for dermatology consultations, skin allergy testing and help with all unusual, stubborn skin diseases. Contact Bellarine Veterinary Practice to make an appointment.

If your pet requires more specialised care, we can refer you to the most appropriate veterinarian to provide the best veterinarian treatments for your pet.

Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, also offers an expert puppy and dog training service.