Pet groomers, Geelong

May 6, 2015

Have you dismissed cat or dog grooming as a luxury?

At Bellarine Veterinary Practice, Geelong, we know from experience that having your dog groomed is much more than a luxury, it’s a necessary part of maintaining their health.

Professional pet groomers know exactly which shampoos, treatments, brushes and combs are best suited to your dog’s coat and skin. Different breeds have different coats, which naturally means the washing, grooming and clipping requirements are different. For example, a cairn terrier’s coat requires stripping rather than clipping while a cavoodle requires regular trims or its coat will become matted. The right products and equipment not only make your dog look great, but grooming will reduce shedding, improve skin health and result in a shinier, healthier coat. Our pet groomers also make sure your dog is completely dry, again avoiding any skin conditions.

There is much more to a dog grooming session than simply washing and drying your pet. The Bellarine Veterinary Practice, pet groomers in Geelong and district, also conduct thorough checks of your dog’s skin, looking for potential problems such as skin cancer, rashes and any evidence of parasites.

Our pet groomers also inspect your dog’s ears, which is particularly beneficial for those breeds susceptible to ear problems and infections. Likewise, they inspect between the paws, checking for grass seeds, pebbles or other problems. Our dog grooming staff also check eyes, teeth and nails for signs of disease or potential problems. Nail clipping as well as clipping the hair between the paws can be done if required.

And of course, if we notice any problems, we will alert you straight away and if necessary one of our veterinarians or vet nurses so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Finally, our team is made up of experienced dog groomers, able to trim your dog according to breed or need. Our groomers will talk to you about what best suits your dog and your situation.

Dog grooming is so much more than a luxury, and you can trust the pet groomers at Geelong’s Bellarine Veterinary Practice to not only do a brilliant job, but take the best care of your loved pet.

Make a dog grooming appointment today, or contact one of our six veterinarian clinics for more information.