Pocket Pets

February is Pet Dental Month, Geelong

February 4, 2016We’re rather passionate about Dental Care here at Bellarine Vet Practice because the mouth is the gateway to the entire body. After all, we really are what we eat and the health of our mouth is an indicator of the health of our whole body. Dental disease leads to ill health and disease in other...
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Pocket Pets & Summer

January 13, 2014Summer can be a tough time for pocket pets as they are very susceptible to heat stress. Pocket pets do not have the ability to sweat and have to rely on their environment to protect them from the heat. Every summer pet rabbits & guinea pigs die from heat stroke. In the wild rabbits, will...
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Grovedale Vet Staff Support Online Pet Shop Obay

August 5, 2013There is a limited amount of shelving space in the Bellarine Grovedale Vet practice waiting room to display all the items that veterinarians endorse, so in the past, vets have recommended to head to the local pet shop to purchase certain items for their pets. This can be particularly confusing for the pet owner, as...
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