Grovedale Vet Staff Support Online Pet Shop Obay

August 5, 2013

There is a limited amount of shelving space in the Bellarine Grovedale Vet practice waiting room to display all the items that veterinarians endorse, so in the past, vets have recommended to head to the local pet shop to purchase certain items for their pets. This can be particularly confusing for the pet owner, as there are often different brands available for sale and sometimes untrained staff in pet shops can lead to a misunderstanding about the way a product works and poor advice. One particularly confusing area of concern is that of parasite control.

Domestic pets carry many parasites that need regular control and treatment and this can often be a source of confusion. However, purchasing directly from the vet hospital may be inconvenient or more expensive. The provision of a veterinarian-endorsed online pet shop called Obay has managed to get around this dilemma.

“We wanted to ensure that clients are buying veterinarian endorsed products online and are not just buying the cheapest product from the supermarket shelf which may be ineffective or inappropriate. Our practice website has a direct link to Obay, where clients can purchase the products that have already been recommended by their local Grovedale vet at a cheaper price. Clients need to ask us for our practice’s unique code to obtain discounts off the recommended retail price of the products on this site, but if you click through from the Obay link on the website, it automatically records the discount code”, states Bellarine Grovedale vet, Dr. Amanda Hulands-Nave.

It is impossible to stock all the different recommended products in the waiting room alone as there simply isn’t the space. The Bellarine Grovedale vet practice is primarily set up for consultation and hospitalisation of animals requiring diagnostics and treatment for various problems. Dedicating too much space to merchandising would not utilise the space appropriately and so in the past vets have had to be really selective about what products can be stocked. Also, by having products delivered direct to the clients, it saves about 3 steps of product handling which reduces costs to the client.

“By setting up Obay on our website, more products are made available to our clients directly as stocking and space problems are no longer an issue. This means our prices can compete with some of the larger pet stores, making the vet recommended products more affordable for the majority of pet owners. At the end of the day, clients want the best for their pets and by purchasing their pet products from Obay, they can be sure that our staff have given those items the thumbs up”, mentions the Grovedale vet.

Obay supplies everything from parasite preventatives, grooming products, nutritional supplements, shampoos, collars and leads and many more items. Clients are able to sign up to a regular newsletter through the Obay website which informs pet owners of new products that are available from the website. It gives clients peace of mind to know that all the products sold in the online pet store is already endorsed by their local Bellarine Grovedale vet.

“Veterinarians realise that pet owners are busy and may not always have the time to drop into the vet clinic during opening hours to pick up your over-the-counter supplies. That is why Obay has been set up. Clients can order their supplies online and have the items delivered to their door”, Dr Amanda explains.

To find out more about discounted purchases through Obay, the online pet shop, contact your local Grovedale vet today at Bellarine Veterinary Practice Grovedale by calling (03) 5244 1300 or visit the website at and click through to the Obay link for further information. Obay is available to all our Bellarine clients.