Yearly Archive: 2016

February is Pet Dental Month, Geelong

February 4, 2016We’re rather passionate about Dental Care here at Bellarine Vet Practice because the mouth is the gateway to the entire body. After all, we really are what we eat and the health of our mouth is an indicator of the health of our whole body. Dental disease leads to ill health and disease in other...
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Summer Care for pets, Geelong

February 2, 2016Help your pets beat the heat this Summer. This year we’re told that Summer is going to be long and hot. Which means that we need to be prepared early to help our pets cope with the heat. We also need to be extra vigilant against the summer nasties such as snakes, puffer fish on...
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Snake bite emergencies, Geelong vet

February 2, 2016If you suspect or know that your pet has been bitten by a snake we recommend you ring us on 52482009 and head straight to our Newcomb hospital as this is where we stock anti-venom. Address: 65 Coppards Road, Newcomb  VIC  3219   If the incident occurs outside of our normal hours (Mon-Fri 8.00am-6.30pm – Sat...
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