FREE Dental Health Checks for Pets, Geelong

August 9, 2016

Every pet deserves a beautiful healthy, pain-free smile!

A bright happy smile can absolutely make your day but being exposed to bad breath and diseased teeth can just as easily ruin it.

If waking up to “dogs-breath” or having to avoid cuddles with your pet due to the smell is uncomfortable for you – think about how your poor pet feels.

Bad breath and yellow coloured teeth are signs of dental disease. And dental disease is painful!
It’s also a progressive disease – it will not get better on its own and it will affect your pet’s general health and well being.

Unlike humans, dental disease won’t stop your pet eating. Instead they will just learn to adapt their chewing or even learn to just swallow food whole.

Pets don’t show obvious signs of dental pain as their survival instinct is so strong. Showing signs of pain or weakness places your pet in a vulnerable state that they will try to avoid at all costs.

Please take dental disease seriously for your pets sake.

Please take the opportunity to bring your pets into any of our clinics during August for a FREE dental health assessment with our nurses.

Call your preferred clinic today to make an appointment:

Newcomb – 5248 2009

Drysdale – 5253 1393

Point Lonsdale – 5258 4862

Ocean Grove – 5256 2400

Barwon Heads – 5254 2434

Grovedale – 5244 1300

All pets needing a dental procedure during August will receive an $85 discount.