Cancer treatment trial for dogs, Geelong Vet, Australia

February 19, 2016

Dog cancer treatment trialBellarine Veterinary Practice is excited to be one of only 20 clinics Australia involved with a new clinical trial treating cancer in dogs.

We are working with Biotempus Limited, an independent life sciences company based in Melbourne. Biotempus is developing and commercialising technologies for leveraging immune system responses against disease. The clinical trial seeks to investigate the effects of accurately timing therapy with the newly discovered immune cycle.

In 2002, Biotempus Chief Scientific Officer, Martin Ashdown, made the remarkable discovery that the immune system of the cancer patient is cycling, that is, repeatedly turning on and then off in a cyclical manner. The concept of persistently repeating biological cycles within mammals is well known. Other well-known and characterised biological cycles include the cortisol cycle and the menstrual cycle which repeat over approximately 24-hours and 28-days respectively.

Research undertaken by Biotempus suggests that the timing of therapy with respect to the immune system is the principle determinant of whether treatment will be successful or not. Further investigation has suggested that within this repeating cycle there is a narrow window of approximately 12-hours in length where the immune system can be recruited to act against the cancer and significantly improve outcomes.

The immune cycle has already been identified in canine cancer patients and this trial will seek to improve cancer treatments in dogs as well as providing support information for further human trials. “We believe that the technology has the potential to significantly increase the efficacy as well as lower the toxicity of most cancer therapies if their administration is given in accordance with the immune cycle” stated Biotempus Chief scientific Officer, Martin Ashdown.

In this trial, the immune cycle is discerned using serial daily or near daily blood samples collected from canine patients over 1 – 2 weeks. Results are then analysed using Biotempus’ proprietary algorithm and an optimal time is selected for treatment. Treatment consists of a single, low dose, oral, chemotherapeutic agent which as we have already seen is able to produce remarkable outcomes” said Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Noam Pik.

Dog owners interested in participating in the trial should download the Owners Information Guide at or contact us on 52482009 to make an appointment with Dr Amanda Hulands-Nave.