Pocket Pets & Summer

January 13, 2014

Summer can be a tough time for pocket pets as they are very susceptible to heat stress. Pocket pets do not have the ability to sweat and have to rely on their environment to protect them from the heat. Every summer pet rabbits & guinea pigs die from heat stroke. In the wild rabbits, will escape the heat by going into burrows or under cool vegetation. It is recommended to bring your rabbit & guinea pigs inside when the temperature reaches 26C or higher.

Never leave your rabbit or guinea pig outside on hot days, even in the shade. Being left in an enclosure can be the same as being left in a hot car.

Make sure that rats & mice enclosures are placed away from windows in the Summer, as the radiant heat can cause heat stress.

Survival tips:

1.   Have plenty of fresh water available at all times.
2.   On warm days, place cages/enclosures in deep shade covered with a wet towel.
3.   Bring pocket pets inside if the weather is warmer than 26C.
4.   Fill empty soft drink or milk bottles with water and freeze overnight. Place into the enclosure for the pocket pet to lie   against and lick.
5.   Provide plenty of fresh leafy greens. Rabbits need approx 2 cups of greens per kg body-weight every day.
6.   Outside enclosures need to be shielded from mosquitoes to minimize the spread of disease. Mosquitoes are most prevalent in Summer.