Geelong Vet Pet Dental Health Care

January 8, 2014


Our Geelong vet team is dedicated to preserving as many teeth as possible. It is estimated that 1 in 10 pets are in need of serious dental surgery, however this can often be prevented by having regular vet checks, professional cleaning and homecare prevention, provided we start early. If detected early, dental disease can be reversible. Once dental disease is present, management of progression is still possible.

Disease of the gums, known as periodontal disease, is the most common cause of tooth loss in dogs. Feline tooth resorption is the most common cause of tooth loss in cats. Teeth that are fractured in pets can even sometimes be saved with root canal therapy if treated early!

The key to good dental care is owner awareness of dental disease, regular check-ups, dental home care focusing on prevention (which we design individually) and accurate treatment. Dental radiographs help us to detect early problems in teeth below the surface and assess tooth roots. When extractions are required, we ensure that this is performed in a pain-free way and with the owner’s consent.

All patients that have dental care at our practice are put on a Dental Prevention Program to prevent or minimise ongoing dental disease. Every animal examined for routine health checks gets a dental score recorded and advice is offered to our client as to the best method to prevent further dental disease and treat any existing problems. We are committed to lowering the impact that dental disease has in our pets as it is currently the number one disease of companion animals.

Dental hygiene should have a lifetime focus, so our Geelong vet staff offer free nurse dental checks all year. However, if your pet has a noticeably bad breath, tartar on his or her teeth or you suspect there may be dental problems, then please call to make an appointment as the sooner the problem is dealt with, the sooner we can ensure your pet has a healthy mouth.